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Bitch Live Onstage in Philadelphia Oct 19 2019


Bitch and Whiplash co-headline the Street Metal Massacre II in Philly~! 





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About the Band


Ron Cordy-Bass Guitar
Betsy Bitch - Vocals
Robby Settles - Drums
David Carruth - Guitars

West Coast Metal Pioneers

BITCH is the first female fronted American Heavy Metal band ever to be signed to a record label.

In the very early days of the West Coast Heavy Metal scene. Bitch frequently performed live in the Los Angeles area with other area bands like Slayer, W.A.S.P., Armored Saint, and dozens more.


Chris Cardenas - Guitars

Curt Remington - Bass

Randal West - Drums
Betsy Bitch - Vocals


Betsy Bitch

The First Lady of American Heavy Metal

Betsy grew up in Brigantine, New Jersey, and moved to Los Angeles when she was ten. Discovering her early singing talents in her school glee club, some time later Betsy became the lead vocalist for the BoxBoys, a Los Angeles Ska band, and also worked with another local L.A. metal band WITCH. 

She joined BITCH™ upon answering an ad put in Music Connection looking for a singer by Robby Settles and David Carruth the founders of BITCH™ who were initially looking for a female guitarist and a male singer - but were stoked about the idea of a female fronted BITCH™. 

BITCH™ was a staple on the L.A. Heavy Metal scene, playing live all over the Sunset Strip and beyond, with other West Coast scene upstart Metal bands opening for them, like Metallica and Slayer. 

BITCH™ owns the very respectable distinction of being the first female-fronted American Heavy Metal band ever signed to a label - Metal Blade Records.

BITCH™ appears on the first three pressings of METAL MASSACRE 1, in 1982, with her anthemic track "Live for the Whip". Damnation Alley, a 5-track EP was released on Metal Blade in December of 1982.

Their second album, "Be My Slave" drew the ire of the PMRC/Senate hearings back in the day, however it proved only to be more publicity for the band in the end.

The rest, as they say, is Metal History.

More than three decades later, Betsy Bitch continues to kick metal ass with BITCH's current lineup of musicians.

The Boys

Chris Cardenas • Guitars


Chris was born in Chicago. As the youngest member of a musical family, Chris started playing drums at the age of 4 and violin at 7. After his brother taught him to play songs on guitar to prove to his dad that he could actually play at age 10, he soon received his own guitar and started playing with bands with seasoned musicians at age 11.  

Chris' family ended up moving to San Antonio in the middle of his high school years, but he soon started playing with bands and building his reputation while touring through Texas.  After graduating, Chris moved to Los Angeles to continue with his music education and to pursue his music career. He has performed with various bands and feels fortunate to have become friends and perform with many of his musical influences. Chris has toured the world and is an in-demand session guitarist and vocalist.  Chris first met Betsy and the other members of Bitch around 1998. Timing and availability made it possible for Chris to join Bitch in 2014 and he looks forward to continue performing with Betsy and the boys.

Randal West • Drums, Backing Vocals


Born in Detroit, Randal started playing bars at 14 years old. He worked in radio for a few years, and decided to hit the music circuit playing the Midwest, East Coast, Southern States and Canada. 

West worked the "A" club circuit in several bands doing both originals and covers as well as some tribute acts, averaging about 300 dates per year. A few of the bands had notable songs in rotation on radio. He has headlined in a few mid-sized arena shows and has opened for national touring acts. 

In 2009, Randy became friends with Betsy. Randal played in a few other California bands, recording/releasing two albums with Jenna Syde and the Watchers.

Randal honored BITCH™ drummer and co-founder Robby Settles by playing drums at Robby's memorial jam.

He joined forces with Betsy BITCH™ highlighting the "Betsy" material with new arrangments. Randal also plays guitar bass, and backing vocals. Currently West is drumming in a few different acts, with BITCH™ as his main focus. 


Randal West proudly endorses Sleishman Drums and Soultone Cymbals.

Curt Remington - Bass


At age 13, Bassist Curt Remington knew he wanted to play bass the moment he put on his first Iron Maiden record. Growing up in DC he listened to a who’s who of Metal and rock while playing around town with a variety of hard rock bands. 

His first big break was working with the Alt Rock Genghis Angus which played all over DC, had radio play on WHFS and garnered a record deal and a producing arrangement with John Cougar Mellencamp’s guitarist and producer Mike Wanchic for a 2 record stint. After a brief hiatus Curt Moved to Los Angeles and began playing with several local bands. Mojo Rib, Monarch, Jetstar, and the Cocks to name a few. When Jetstar went there separate ways, Randall West drummer for Bitch asked Curt if he was interested in playing with Bitch. Curt jumped in with 4 strings blazing and has playing the music he loves most. Hard rockin’ metal!  Associated acts: Genghis Angus  1988-1994 Mojo Rib  2007-2010 Monarch 2011-2013 Jetstar 2013-2019 The Cocks 2017-Present  Bitch 2018-Present


Basses: Fender Precision 1973 custom shop  Rickenbacker 4003 Fender Jazz Bass 

Amps: Ampeg V-4B Ampeg 2x12 Strings: Fender

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